Sunday, December 28, 2008

Surviving the holidays

Whew! Made it through the holidays with no major meltdowns and only one faux pas; 5 year old H opened a present from his Gramma and announced, "I have this already!". I saw a wonderful teaching moment and asked, "If someone gives you a gift you already have or don't really want, what should you say?" (The correct answer being, in my eyes, "Thank you.") H replied, "I should say, No thank you." Okay, so it was polite at least and Gramma was more than understanding, but we did have a little talk about just saying thank you and asking mom or dad for help exchanging it later.

Now the fun begins; Mom (meaning me) has to find a way to entertain all three kids for the next week while the two oldest are off from school. Staying home just invites fights and whining, so I have a couple of outings planned. I think we will hit the zoo and Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America. We have memberships to both and have found that while it is a bit of a shock to pay the yearly fee, it saves us quite a bit of money in the long run. I plan to have them help me make play dough another day, and of course we have all the new toys and games to play with.

Hopefully having a plan will prevent fighting and whining and help to preserve my sanity. Or it could just be wishful thinking... I guess only time will tell.

Hope you all have peaceful holiday breaks and if you have a great idea for keeping the kids happy and calm (and, no, duct tape doesn't count!) please let me know. Maybe I will try it too :)


Sheliza said...

you will get through the week. With so many new things and neat outings, the time will pass by quickly and hopefully whine and fight free~! The zoo membership is the best! It does save a lot and it is something to do when you have little money :)

Jeepgirl said...

H's comment reminds me of something T did about 2 years ago (when she was 3 or 4) on her birthday. My SIL got her a Bratz doll (something I hate and won't allow, and T knew this) She opened it up and got this REALLY sad look on her face and says out loud "Mommy won't let me have Bratz...they're yucky!" AHH! Part of me thought it was SO funny...and part of me felt bad for my SIL. Oh well...she was only 3 or 4 right?