Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is giving away coupons for a free single serve Dr Pepper (I believe they mean a 20 oz bottle by this) through Monday November 24th at 6PM EST. The giveaway was scheduled to run for a day on Sunday the 23rd, but, as I can attest, they seem to have had some technical difficulties, and so have extended the giveaway.

To get your free Dr Pepper you need to visit the
Dr Pepper website and sign up. The process does not seem to be trouble free even yet, as I have been unable to get my form to submit. But I am hopeful, as I was unable to even access the form on Sunday.

The promotion is a result of Guns 'N' Roses newest album being released. Apparently there was a statement made by Dr Pepper that if the album actually did release in 2008 they would give America free Dr Pepper. If you care to learn more you can read an article

Now everybody sing along with me...I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, she's a Pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too? Enjoy!

Thank you Emily for notifying me of this giveaway.

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Sheliza said...

I read about this one on twitter but my computer froze in the middle of signing up ugh!!! I found you by way of mommydaddyblog.